The journey from a woman to being a mother

The journey from a woman to becoming a mother is immeasurable.The journey is full of exciting emotions and excitement of seeing and holding your baby in your hand for the very first time.

Becoming a mother or going through the pregnancy process doesn’t only make your bond stronger, but also makes you a better person in so many ways. Yes, issues like sleep deprivation, emotional mood swings, nausea come during pregnancy. In fact, at times, one can feel extremely scared, frustrated, and vulnerable but magically everything can vanish when you hear your newborn crying.

Motherhood brings you the responsibility on your shoulders and teaches you to love and care unconditionally. It teaches you to be grateful to your society and most importantly your parents. However, the journey from a woman to a mother involves a lot of obstacles and challenges. The journey changes the experience for all the mothers and would-be-mothers.  

  1. It’s an emotional outburst

Making a human inside your womb is not a regular experience to women.Once the news of pregnancy will break to you it will be followed by an emotional feeling and you would be excited to share the same with your family and close once.

  1. You will feel more connected to your mother

Suddenly the feeling that once you too were nourished inside a womb, then pampered in arms and later forever kept in heart will jolt you with an emotional rush towards your mother.

  1. It’ll be mixed feeling

During pregnancy and post pregnancy you’ll come across many medical conditions along with the increasing excitement to hold your child, leading to mixed feelings.

  1. Holding your child for the first time

This feeling is beyond imagination and when after all the ups and down, and intense labor pain you finally hold a part of your own body you will experience something that’s unfair to describe through words.

  1. It will make you exhausted

You’ll be obsessed with your kid. There is no doubt that motherhood will cost you being late to almost every event, and you will feel extremely exhausted, but at the same time you will love how the time passes.

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