Mine4Nine – The Innovative maternity wear

Innovation lies at the core of any business and fashion is no exception. For centuries, fashion wizards have been innovating to cater to the core values they deliver through their creations.

When it comes to fashion innovation; consumer adoption, and relentless development are critical. As this industry is future-driven and consumer-focused, adoption happens naturally. But, when it comes to technology, not all developments are suitable for the fashion industry.

Also, in the Fashion industry Innovation is more than just inventing, sometimes it's alternate positioning, marketing, packaging, and usage redefining. While there are a lot of innovations happening in fashion technology, fabric manufacturing, and zero waste initiatives, Mine4nine is focusing on innovations around positioning and eco-system of maternity wear products, some of which are being mentioned here.

Mine4nine Twinning Mom Dress  + Baby Wrapper set This twinning set in Matching rayon fabrics is your umbilical cord with your child post birth. The little one is a part of you and everyone says they look like you, let them be dressed like you as well.

This simple, floral print maternity cum nursing dress and wrapper set is a great gender-neutral ‘mommy and me’ outfit to buy. The soft, lightweight viscose rayon will keep you and your new baby feeling comfy and cozy. Matching maternity outfits for moms and wraps for babies are a great way to celebrate the birth of your little one. Cozy up for adorable newborn pictures, go for outings with newborns or just relax and enjoy your bonding period in soft, comfortable material that you and baby will both love. An ideal hospital outfit during the recovery period. A wonderful ‘Coming home outfit’ when everyone is waiting to welcome the baby and mom back home.

Mine4nine Must have maternity starter bump kit A happiness hamper and a style packet kit for moms-to-be with 4 clothing items. The Mine4nine Bump Kit is a great start to your pregnancy wardrobe. Four inter-changeable items ensure to keep transforming you into various stylish avatars seamlessly.

The set of 4 garments include a Maternity cum nursing dress + Top + Trouser + Shrug, crafted with love in flattering prints and colors. The garments can be worn in different combinations among themselves and with some of your favorite clothing items to give you more than 8 different styles to suit the needs for home, work, outing or social gatherings.