Functional maternity wear for your special needs.

Functionality is the third dimension of fashion, right after Style and comfort. Functional clothing is specifically designed and engineered to ensure predefined performance requirements and/or functionality for the special needs of its consumer.

Maternity wear is special apparel. All maternity wear from the house of Mine4Nine has been crafted very understandingly to meet the practical requirements of maternity wear. Right from fabric to design, everything has been prudently chosen to keep the distinct needs in mind. This makes these garments very versatile to be used on various occasions and situations.

Stretchability All the bottom wear apparels come with a seamless stretch maternity supportive waistband that grows with you throughout your pregnancy. This waistband is made from flexible fabric and does not put any pressure on your baby bump. This also gives a wonderful grip at the waist of bottom wear for a stylish look and does not make it look clumsy.

Flexibility The changes in your body will last for 9 months, but the beauty of motherhood will embrace you for a lifetime". The elasticated waist or Tie up belts let the garment expand with your bump. This also assures that there is no additional pressure on the belly due to the size of the garment. This allows the garment to take the natural shape of the body and accommodates the change from trimester to trimester.

Longevity "Breastfeeding is a mother's gift to herself, her baby, and the earth." It is important that the maternity wear is usable post childbirth. We have used various features to take care of the nursing/breastfeeding needs without looking for new garments postpartum. It has concealed zippers/ Button closures at the front, allowing the ensemble to be used for nursing post-pregnancy purposes. Feed your child comfortably and confidently with the use of these zippers without much hassles. These strong zippers are placed strategically on the garment to let you utilize it for a longer time beyond childbirth. Some apparels come with a Layover wrap Feed your child comfortably and confidently using this versatile layover design at the chest without much hassles.