Mine4Nine ‘Natura’ – Sustainable maternity wear

Sustainable or slow fashion encourages the use of locally produced, biodegradable fabrics which have little to no adverse effects on the environment. So these fabrics can eventually return to the ecosystem, once you are done wearing them. If the textile goes back to the earth and does not end up in landfills, it will create lesser wastage.

In the last few years, Mine4Nine has shifted a major part of its design range to sustainable Viscose Rayon fabrics. Some study shows that Viscose rayon is the most biodegradable among the top 3 fabrics derived from cellulose.

Sustainable fashion will be the consumer’s contribution to saving the earth. 

A greater variety of clothes at low prices may seem very tempting. However, they cause a lot of damage to the earth, which may go unseen. With periodic sales, pretty much every month, brands are mass-producing clothes that we are ready to embrace with open arms. There is a problem with plenty. We must think of the water use, the pollutants, and the environmental impact of fast fashion, which we cause just by choosing and supporting fast fashion. 

Another aspect which can save the earth is prolonged usage of the clothes we purchase. Our apparel can be suitable beyond just 9 months. They will expand with the unique transformation in your body from trimester to trimester. They have concealed zippers, and buttons at the front which allows the ensemble to be used for nursing purposes post-pregnancy. You can Feed your child comfortably and confidently without much hassles. These functional zippers are placed strategically on the garment to let you utilize it for a longer time beyond childbirth.

The design versatility helps you accommodate the transition postpartum. Our silhouettes flatter your baby bump.