4 Rookie Mom Mistakes During Pregnancy

Well, let's do this. Motherhood is the hardest job and nothing can prepare you for it, but also the job you’ll love the most! Read through to have smooth, goof-proof mistakes pregnant women made during first pregnancy.

  1. Don't Consult Dr. Google

The first couple of weeks are hard and there are many firsts, it sometimes leaves you wondering if everything is ‘normal’ with yourself. And we turn to Google to find instant answers. It’s always better to consult your gynecologist rather than look for answers on Google.

  1. Neglecting Your Partner

A lot of times we get so busy & irritated due to pregnancy in terms of schedules, catching up on sleep, we often tend to neglect our partner. Try to spend some time with your spouse to feel connected again. Have a date night once in a while and go for long drives and reconnect.

  1. Not Asking For Help

It’s quite easy to feel overwhelmed in the initial days. You should ask for help whenever you feel the need. If you want to take a nap and want someone to watch you sleeping position, just ask them. This will help you and will keep you relaxed around.

  1. Trying To Lose Pregnancy weight

Your body is about being made, nourished and pushing out an entire human being. It definitely won’t go back to looking like it used to pre-pregnancy in just a couple of weeks. You need to trust the process & let things happen. Respect the needs of your body and don’t follow any crash diets as you’ll still be breastfeeding your baby soon.

There are no set of rules here just try and go with your guts but it has to be making some sense to your body & condition. Else nothing to be worried about, best of luck for your beautiful journey.

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