Pregnancy - A Choice To Respect

When usually a women gets pregnant she individualistically have three choices,

  • Giving birth and raising the baby
  • Giving birth and placing the baby for adoption
  • Ending the pregnancy by having an abortion

But, there is always a but. There are a lot of factors that come in when it comes to taking the decision. Your values, beliefs, age, health, current situation, and future goals all may play a role in your decision. The partner that one might have during that time also plays an equal role in the crunch of the matter.

There are women who heartily believe in giving birth & raising the baby, let's explore this perspective. But what should they be thinking if they decide to raise a baby? Just ask yourself these four questions to get your answer.

  • How will you manage child care? Do you have anyone who can help you?
  • Where will you and the baby live? Will you have to change your living arrangements?
  • Do you have the income to support yourself and a new baby?
  • If you have other children, how will raising this child affect them?

Let's move to the least chosen option which is, giving birth and placing the baby for adoption. This usually happens when you are not ready to raise the child be it financially, emotionally or career concerns. But here's the question to ask before taking this decision.

  • Are you up to stay under the same sky & let your child go after nine months of pregnancy? 

The final perspective is aborting a child. Across the globe there are different rules when it comes to abortion. Without getting into it let's just explore from a pregnant woman's perspective. Aborting is such a difficult decision that it is always a conscious one. The usual factors of abortion are younger age, partner-related reasons, not financially prepared, bad timing & etc. Here are a set of questions to ask yourself to sum up your decision.

  • Do you have courage to take this mentally?
  • Will you forgive this child?
  • Will this decision make sense in future?
  • Is it avoidable in any way?

No matter as a woman, whatever decision one takes it should be respected by people around her. You may land up on any spectrum of decisions but it has to be consulted with people whom you trust because maybe you might not be looking from every angle. Eventually it's a woman's decision & her choice becomes part of her destiny & she is very well aware about it hence all the people should support her during this time no matter the decision.

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