Mental health during pregnancy

Pregnancy is full of emotional highs and lows. Here are a few suggestions to put some pep in your pregnancy step.

You’re super excited about pregnancy and becoming a parent, and then—out of nowhere—you suddenly start feeling a bit low. Don’t worry, Mama, this is totally normal. Pregnancy can be tough on your mood.

In order to achieve a sound health & Mental well-being here are some tips that can help you during your precious pregnancy period.

  • Talk therapy

  • Prenatal yoga

  • Practice positive self talk

  • Taking prenatal vitamins

  • Build a good support network

  • Consider counseling

  • Meditation

Talk therapy- Talk therapy is a powerful tool to help maintain your mood. It helps to create a safe confidential space where you can process any emotions you have about your shifting identity.

Prenatal yoga- We know that yoga is a really powerful tool in managing depression. Prenatal yoga is beneficials in many cases for improving sleep & anxiety so it is advised to have prenatal yoga as advised by your doctor in your pregnancy routine.

Taking prenatal vitamins-  Prenatal vitamins are important for you and your baby’s health. Prenatal vitamins support your mood and energy levels while protecting the baby's development. Frequently vitamins include omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D and folic acid.

Build a good support network- It's vital to have a good support network around you during pregnancy. This could be anyone from your partner, your parents, friends or healthcare professionals. Having supportive people in your life can make a big difference to how you deal with stress, anxiety and negative emotions.

Consider counseling-  Counseling can provide a safe space to voice all your feelings, worries and try to make sense of control of any negative thoughts. Sometimes it's easier to talk to someone that doesn't know you. One can have counseling sessions for management of mood  swings, sudden high or low feelings or any problems related to mental health during pregnancy to achieve their sound health conditions.

Meditation- Try meditation breathing techniques or hypnobirthing as many moms finds meditation and breathing techniques. Help them relax in pregnancy and manage pain in labor. Meditation helps to gain better sleep, relieve stress anxiety and lower the risk of postpartum depression,


Keeping up mental health doesn't end with your pregnancy. A mother needs care and support after her new born enters her life and it is an on-going process. Motherhood is not really simple, is it?

After giving birth you may experience a range of feelings from joy & excitement to anxiety & fear. This is normal, there is nothing wrong with you.

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