Redefining Casual Pregnancy Style

All preggers have been there. Things start to change when you step into the beautiful phase of maternity and right from the color of your scarf to the song in your playlist - everything about you will start to matter a lot more. But there is always one grind for every preggers that they always want to go out in casuals yet pregnancy puts limitations? Also bored of casuals that reside in your cupboard.

Time to jot down your shopping list and make sure that casual maternity clothes are on top of the list.

Do You Really Need Casual Maternity Clothing?

If and when you need maternity clothing, it comes down to personal preference and comfort. Some people can wear their regular clothes for much of their pregnancy. 

Others may not have to invest in maternity clothing until the third trimester. Meanwhile, some find that it's hard to look put-together—or feel comfortable—in anything but maternity clothes almost from the get-go. Now-a-days people have started redefining casual wear. 

Maternity Casual fashion has come a long way. From the frumpy, flowy dresses that expecting mothers used to wear to hide their baby bumps to form-fitting silhouettes putting the glorious bump on display, moms-to-be are making sure that they don't compromise on their style even when they are preggers.

A lot of women also like to pick solid colors like black and white during their pregnancy days because they think it is a safe bet for them. Prints can be a lot more fun and layering can further spruce up the looks.

Keep It Simple:

When you shop for maternity clothes, stick to the basics like jeans, leggings, and versatile tops that can be both professional or casual. Consider the things you have at home and buy pieces that will complement those pieces.

For instance, a pair of jeans, a pair of black pants, and a button-down shirt can be used interchangeably with many other items.

Buy items that grow with you:

When shopping, keep in mind that the size you are now is not the size you will be 3-4 weeks or later. So, make sure if you're going to purchase something that you select an item that will grow with your changing body or that you can grow into. You don't want to buy several pairs of jeans at 20 weeks and have to turn around and buy more at 30 weeks. Try to pick items that will expand or stretch as you expand and stretch.

Accentuate your features:

Fashion experts recommend choosing clothing that will elongate your silhouette, like v-necks, button-down shirts, and dresses. The idea is to make yourself look taller. Many people also like to accentuate their legs. They tend to look longer and leaner under a growing belly with the right choice of skirts or pants.

Pick something comfortable:

Tight-fitting and uncomfortable clothing comes with a few risks. Aside from causing pain and discomfort, tight-fitting clothes can also reduce circulation, make you feel overheated, and lead to infections. Instead, pick something breathable, stretchy, soft, and/or loose-fitting.

When it comes to maternity clothing, it certainly isn't a one-size-fits-all endeavor. In fact, there are plenty of ways to approach dressing your pregnant body. Whether you cobble together outfits from what you already own or carefully select your maternity pieces at a specialty clothing store, the choice is yours. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and like yourself in what you're wearing, so you can focus on enjoying growing the baby inside you. Hence, Mine4Nine dresses have been stitched to pour the comfort in your life. From the fabric to the breathing space for your bump, we have covered it all. It’s all about feeling good as well as carry yourself out there with pride & comfort.

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