Three Celebrities that carried Pregnancy Styling to the next level

Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase in a woman's life, but there’s no denying that it comes with a lot of challenges. There was a time when the choices of maternity wear were limited and there won’t be a lot of comfortable and fashionable options to choose from. However, this thing has changed, and today there is a huge range of pregnancy clothing choices that are comfortable, attractive and stylish.

There is an evolution in maternity clothing where women have become more selective towards style and comfort and what they are gonna wear in this period. Pregnancy styling has gone through a change over the years, and various celebrities today have been redefining it as a whole and embracing the challenge by dressing in some of the finest and most stylish clothes to go with the trend.

Let’s look at these celebrities that carried Pregnancy Styling to a different level.

1. Rihanna

After Rihanna announced her pregnancy, the internet was set on a blaze. The singer has completely rewritten the rules of maternity fashion. And honestly, by this time it does not take a fashion expert to note that Rihanna's maternity style is seriously something to see. Rihanna announced her first maternity look by featuring a pink Chanel puffer coat from the Fall 1996 collection paired with ripped blue jeans. During Paris Fashion Week, the pop superstar Rihanna arrived at the Dior show wearing a black-lace cocktail dress. She just absolutely flaunted her maternity styling.

Rihanna Pregnancy Style

2. Katy Perry

The American singer announced her pregnancy on 5 March 2020. Seriously, her sense of maternity fashion is top-notch. She beautifully played the maternity-style game. She announced the news by releasing a music video. Katy Perry's pregnancy style was colorful, attractive and unique. She attired various stylish dresses in this journey namely Alexis Mabille's wedding dress, colorful Mara Hoffman dress, girl power-themed outfit and form-fitting minidress.

Kate Perry Maternity Dress

3. Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor is one of the most fashionable celebrities out there. She announced her pregnancy on 21 March 2022 by posting a picture flaunting her baby bump. She is known for her fashion choices and after announcing the welcome of her first child, she will definitely ace the fashion style during her pregnancy as well. Till now, she has attired quite a stylish dress namely, a pearl-embellished ivory skirt, black kaftan dress, and pretty and breezy floral dress.

Gone are the days when actresses used to be seen fleeing away because of their pregnancy. With the modern period, there are modern changes and Pregnancy styling is the one to slay for. While still in India pregnancy hasn’t got the worth that it deserves but here we are creating a business out of it. I think more than anything pregnancy is all about celebrating what a woman goes through to give birth to her child. And when the magnitude of pregnancy is so big then the styling during this period also has to be marvelous.

We at Mine4Nine want to make sure that every woman out there should make a loud statement with their styling.

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