How to pick out the right maternity style?

It’s always a good idea to look cute in pregnancy outfits. Because pregnancy is the most beautiful thing that would happen to any woman. Don’t you agree?
There are so many things that you are usually uncertain about - there can be times when you choose to be careless or take for granted. But things start to change when you step onto the beautiful phase of maternity and right from the color of your scarf to the song in your playlist- everything about you will start to matter a lot more.
Once you know what you are expecting, start jotting down your shopping list and make sure that trendy maternity clothes are on top of the list don’t forget to make your pick at the right time and in the right way.
We suggest you strictly stick to maternity wear right from the day when you feel that you can no longer - button your jeans. When your belly starts to grow, stretchy materials like yoga pants and casual skirts are a good start but keep in mind they can never be substituted for maternity wear which is designed to accommodate the growing bump.

Mine4nine offers a wide variety of chic and flattering maternity clothing for you and we add that extra comfort and detail to your clothes that not just keep you comfortable but also keep you in trend.
Here are some tips on how to maintain styling during pregnancy,

  • Maternity clothes should be super comfortable and soft material

  • It is also mandatory to look classy with ongoing trends including the quality of the material.

  • Keep in mind that maternity sizes are the same as your regular clothing size. For instance, if you're normally a size “S” (small), you should look out for the size ‘small’ while picking your maternity wear.

  • Choose light-colored dresses and do not wear extremely snug or figure-hugging clothes. Light colors help in keeping you calm and make you feel at ease. Avoid bold and big printed tops. You can go for longer shirts with buttons to keep up with a loose and laid-back feeling.

Mine4fine believes that finding the clothes that fit and make you feel your best during pregnancy is just as essential as your diet chart or routine check-up because your little bump is not just a bump- it’s a little bundle of joy, a piece of heaven sent down to you and you ought to give quite a lot of care for it.

You take care of your little one & we’ll take care of your styling!

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