What things Should Be Avoided During the Pregnancy journey?

Becoming a parent is a beautiful feeling when you have a good partner in your life. You will grow up with more responsibilities in your life and get new reasons to be happy. Pregnancy is a time filled with joy, fun, and some Extra Care for you and your baby. Because you're responsible for another human being inside your womb. In the First Trimester of Pregnancy, there is so much change in your lifecycle, and every New Mom-to-be is so much worried about what things to avoid during pregnancy.

There are so many questions that come to your mind during pregnancy:-  

What types of foods I can have, What types of clothes I should wear during my pregnancy time, At that time we need a doctor's advice or we need an experienced person to suggest some tips during the pregnancy journey who has already been through this situation in their life. because without any tips or suggestions you can be in trouble during your pregnancy journey.

Foods to avoid in the first trimester of pregnancy:-

As we all know people are very fond of food and especially girls, So Many women have to avoid their favorite foods during pregnancy and sometimes it becomes our habit and because of this habit, you may harm your body and baby.

Here I would suggest some care instructions for you

  • You don't have to be careful about non-veggies.
  • Don't have Butter, Cheese, and so many Oily foods during pregnancy.
  • You can't have uncooked foods, raw meats, and raw eggs 
  •  Organ meat, so much Caffeine, Raw sprouts, and Unwashed vegetables and fruits.

“You can not have many fruits also like-”

  • You can’t eat Tamarind, Papayas, or Bananas.
  • Watermelon, Dates, Frozen Berries.
  • Semi-Ripes fruits, Canned Tomatoes, and Especially avoid raw fruits.

Drinks to avoid during pregnancy:-

  • Never drink alcohol.
  • Be away from coffee and some varieties of tea.
  • Don’t drink oily drinks.

Exercise to avoid during pregnancy:-

Exercises are very beneficial for our health and some of those exercises are also beneficial for women during pregnancy but we have to be careful about some exercises and also about hard work that can harm you when you are pregnant. And never exercise without a trainer.

  • Pregnant women should avoid jumping, hopping, skipping, or bouncing.
  • High-impact aerobics classes and Strength training.
  • Be careful if you like dancing. 
  • Don’t graze on high roads if you are pregnant.
  • Don’t be Deep knee bends, full sit-ups, double leg raises, and straight-leg toe touches. Bouncing while stretching.

Clothes we can not wear during Pregnancy:-

Clothes are also a very important part of our beauty and we change our clothes according to the sessions but when you become a mother you have to avoid many of your favorite dresses which make us feel very uncomfortable during pregnancy but we have to accept the situations.

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